UFC 242 Live

UFC 242 Live: Khabib, whose father did not get a visa for the Battle of Conor McGregor in the United States last year, said, “How many times will you ask about my father?” The lightweight champion puts his belt on a leash when he faces Dustin Poirier UFC 242 here in Abu Dhabi.Nurmagomedov is the favorite to defeat the Louisian who won the £ 155 provisional belt against Max Holloway in April.There is also a stacked sub-card, which you can see here completely. The Body Lock is here to provide you with live scores and last minute information on the fights taking place on Saturday, September, in Abu Dhabi, UAE 7.

If you can not access the BT Sport Box Office feed, you can follow all the action here, with the main event set at 9:00 pm UK time.He asked me yesterday why I was not coming in. The main event of UFC 242 is a fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier in the UFC lightweight championship. Edson Barboza and Paul Felder will participate in the main event, with a slight revenge.

Madge closes the distance and begins with a few leg strokes. Press Ziam in the cage and take the hook. Attempts to shoot Ziam on the carpet, however, fail. Now, press the cage again. Ziam is now changing position. Madge goes back. Few things happen in melee, it’s just a fight for the position. Some knees of Madge. Ziam looks strong; He turns Madge and starts banging his knees on his thigh. Madge changes and changes level. Kill another break, but Ziam is still in the cage.

The referee separates them at 1:40 from close-range. Madge comes with hooks in front. He does it again. It looks like he does not want to work behind a push, but he uses only hooks to unleash the distance. Ziam puts Madge in the cage and pushes him. A difficult leg to win because none of the two fighters has really landed so successfully, but this seems to be the effort for Madge. Unofficial statistics show that Madge failed in the five closing attempts. Competition, but not exciting.

Madge pushes Ziam back into the cage. The first 40 seconds are already similar to the first turn. Just a decisive war against the cage. They are separating. Kick in Ziam’s Madiam’s leg against the forehands. Madge closes the distance and Ziam sits in the cage. After half the tour, there was no real impact.Ziam hits solid shots as Madge steps forward, but Madge immediately ties him to the cage. We assume that 80% of this fight has taken place so far. The referee separates at 1:00.

The steps are swapped and returned to close combat. This time, Ziam Madge is pushing. Switch. Madge finally gets his farewell. The successful double leg places Ziam on the back and Madge stacks the guard before he becomes one.Another round for Madge. In no way exciting, but sufficient to prevent Ziam from working.The Body Lock marks the second round for Madge (10-9)Third round

Touch the gloves. And guess what? Back to the fight. Madge pushes Ziam to the cage. Ziam returns it. Madge leads and tries to pass to Ziam, but Ziam holds him in front of him. Double underlining for Madge as he strikes the inside of his leg with his knees. He pulls one leg, Ziam against a Kimura and Madge looks up.

Madge has almost a takedown. Close Ziam’s left leg, but he returns to his legs. This fight looks like a fight / clinch at the gym rather than something we would see at the UFC. Both fighters fought for their position. Madge controls most of the action in all three rounds. Not a ton of strikes, but the goal is obviously to deny Ziam the work outside.

Another double step for Madge with 70 seconds remaining. He is in full protection of Ziam. Ziam tries to attack her arms and change her hips, but Madge is aware of the danger and decides to drop and stay firm. The ground and the pound of Madge then passes in half-guard. Full editing, but Ziam hits and makes room. It’s the end of the fight. The Body Lock scores in the third round for Madge (10-9)